There is a lot here, but to answer Tom’s question. All I can see is Scarlett O’Hara tumbling and rolling and rolling down those stairs! Yes, they could leave the fireplace mantel and the doors only. Yes, they can do a white wall paint, but I very much believe that it would look a lot better to get rid of most if not all of the wood trim. Narrowing down color … –Jim « Free Art Wall Templates and Free Art Too?Happy Thanksgiving 2018 – And Important News! lolReplyCancel, Oh please don’t paint the floors! In addition, while we’re here, the stair runner is a little narrow. Their home is definitely contemporary/modern. Plus, I’ve been back dozens of times. I think just staining the floors would work. I realize that painting the floors is probably going to give Tom’s mom an apoplectic fit, but maybe if we get rid of the wood trim, a paler shade for the wood floor? IMO, the crime is that it was ever done this way in the first place! I’m not crazy about the lower ceiling height here. Enter your email address to opt-out of Behr emails. If they keep it, the white would need to harmonize with whatever shade of grass cloth that is. Let’s look at some other staircases for inspiration. She might even talk herself out of the oak by Choosing designs that have painted trim. Like you suggest, all of it painted, save the doors, railing and mantel if they really want to keep some. And the pale gray is very lovely too. I wonder what the homeowner thinks of it. Plus, he’s taking on the responsibility of project managing a remodel. When we moved into our house–a much smaller scale than this one–I removed a railing at the top of the stairs and built a low wall instead. For a quick fix, I would paint those kitchen cabinets white, although they really need some major attention. Best White Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams: In this post, I’ll share 20 of the most popular white paint colors for your home including designer favorites that go anywhere! We don’t host much so I get excited to create a table setting. I do suggest that they consult with an interior designer and/or architect for more extensive changes. More specifically how do the people from Ralph Lauren combine so many patterns into one room. Find your perfect color with ColorSmart by BEHR®. Best Bright White: Sherwin-Williams Extra White SW 7006. (please check this post out for some great front door paint colors). It’s not working. And now, it doesn’t match closely enough to the doors and stairs anyway. You can make something darker, but not lighter, of course. Apart from painting the trims white. These white paint colors are perfect whether your style is modern farmhouse, traditional, transitional, or boho-chic and go lovely with a variety of paint colors! The kitchen, yes, needs more change. When was it built and where is it located? I’d also like to mention that this is a beautiful spacious home that I think anyone would be proud of (aside from maybe the kitchen). All you see are millions of clumsy spindles! And yes to painting the spindles and risers – that’s quite traditional.ReplyCancel, The painted floor is my own fantasy. And, I realize that I’m walking a slippery slope. Like other paint colors… Let Pro Referral do the leg work and match you with quality local painters. There are FIVE bathrooms! After years of hating it, we put an espresso stain on the yellow oak floors and painted everything else white. I also smiled when I noticed that the storm door also appears to be oak of faux oak ReplyCancel, Oakapalooza! I’m going to be sad to leave it- if nothing else, it sure is roomy!ReplyCancel, Yes, painting the trim a khaki is another option that could be attractive, but in this case, we still have some white and then the stairs. And yes, Swiss Coffee would most likely be a very good choice. It’s My Dream Home Except For One Problem– The Stained Wood trim. I always gave into my clients or else I figured out a way to make them see it my way. When we do, I will share. And, I know, some of it’s white and some of it’s oak. Keep in mind, if they alter the stain on the doors, it’s not a small job and they should probably be sent out to a company that does that as they would have to be stripped first and then restrained. I feel that over-all, the home IS trying to be traditional, but the very open plan, mix of finishes and the dated feeling are bringing what could be a smashing home down a few notches. However, it requires knowing what else is going on and I haven’t the foggiest. That’s so funny Jim! White Latex Primer* Latex Enamel Paint in the color of your choice-Here is the paint we used. Color selection as Main. Find Paints in Store. That is a lot stairs. And I mean, everything – white. 60 + High-Low Chinoiserie Lamps (Some are Rare), My Top 33 Spectacular Holiday Gifts For 2020. Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17) – If you only remember one color from this list, this is the one. When Tom buys all the white paint he’s going to need, I hope he gets a discount for buying in bulk. Sherwin … Aside from the color and the amount of them, is the door style. If she won’t paint…what about a wall on the living room side of the staircase? I hope this doesn’t sound self-aggrandizing, but 90% of what I talk about here, I did not learn in design school. However there are plans to remodel it, so that means that the house isn’t exactly as she wants it. Interior Design, Furniture, Inspiring Ideas. 20 Breathtakingly Gorgeous Ceiling Paint Colors and One That Isn’t, My Ceilings Are Giving Me Nightmares During The Day, The ONE White Trim Color That Works Every Time, How To Get The Best Home Furnishings Prices, How To Get Window Treatments Like You See In Magazines. There should be at least one turn on that run of stairs, but I would do two turns and put up some walls. If you are looking for a pure … I have another male friend that also disdains the word “cozy,” so I try not to use it, but what to say instead?ReplyCancel, Laurel, I think that the closest synonym for “cozy” is “claustrophobic.” Seriously, cozy is so often used as a cover-up for small or cramped, it has acquired that connotation. In fact, there’s a little piece of wall there then a set of spindles. I’ve also had the same experience, numerous times.ReplyCancel, I do want to mention what looks like grass cloth wallcovering on the big wall in the living room. Thanks!ReplyCancel. The house should have an elevator. I love all your suggestions for this home. Tom graciously took some photos for me with the lights out, mostly. However, as I see it, it’s a little like asking what color … Well, ripping it out is going to be expensive, but let’s have some fun! I think I spent 5k and the results were absolutely astonishing. Those places were Edwardian in style though so it suited the home. neo-classical (traditional) era was painted. It’s disconcerting and looks like a mistake. … (Pictures below). That’s what those panels are. ... Home Decorators Collection #HDC-NT-02 White Oak Satin Enamel Interior Paint & Primer Model# … A Common Renovation Mess – Can it be Fixed? But over the years I’ve done numerous kitchen botoxes, (I call them) and they always turned out really well. Totally agree on the kitchen cabinets as well.ReplyCancel, They could definitely refinish the floors in either a paler or dark stain.ReplyCancel, I hope Tom can convince his mom to at least paint the staircase! But, now, I’m going too far because this is getting into the nitty-gritty. And, yes, I would paint the floors too. The other place that it would be possible to leave wooden would be what the office or dining room. Buy Samples. People only know what they know and if they haven’t been exposed to something before, it might seem foreign at first. Get coordinating colors then preview them in a room image. He’s going to need a lot of paint.ReplyCancel, Hopefully, they’ll hire a painter!ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, What an intriguing post! I found the listing and more images. I actually hate most real estate photos. I’m sure that I’ve harped many times, that before we pick paint colors, we must get the bones together. It took some convincing, but when we painted the house my client finally allowed me to have all her trim painted white. Square or round with less detailing would be better. Best Fireplace Mantel Proportions - How Not To Muck It Up! One Living Room Layout - Seven Different Ways! Not sure I would have been brave enough to paint the floors white, but love the look in the photos you shared on this post and past ones. Sometimes, I have discovered after my 30 years in this business, is that clients more often than not, don’t know what they like. The Perfect Shade Of White Wall Paint For Oak Trim. The spindles are too traditional/fussy. "Finding the right white is always a tricky task. I’m leaning toward Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee everywhere. I’m not sure how they did that. This looks like it was re-stained at some point. This one’s a combo platter of  modern, traditional and American mid-west ersatz which is neither here nor there, but very common. It is not a crime to paint over it, because it’s not classically correct to begin with. And white isn’t as simple as you’d think! Light oak paired with soft off-whites, light beige or … The house is big and open and the white will make it look fresh. Above is me messing around, but as you can see, I made two turns of the stairs, with two little landings for ease in turning. White Oak HDC-NT-02. This paint color is exceptional if you … One of my favorite entry and staircases ever by Victoria Hagan. Stained wood trim, unless the house is a Victorian, or Craftsman or is decidedly modern in styling,(or from the mid-century period) is usually incorrect. Rarely is an open staircase a beautiful thing. I know that there is a post here that talks about mixing fabrics. We are doing a full cosmetic remodel. The color of the wall in this design comes from Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17. It’s too open and thus there are a million spindles which isn’t a cozy look. –JimReplyCancel, Haha! White oak flooring can look bleached out, depending on its finish. Sometimes with stairs in this configuration, there’s a wall which comes down about half-way on both sides. Don't be afraid of a pure white. Great post and great comments – as always!ReplyCancel, I always try to remember to make the links open in a new tab, if that’s what you mean. However, as I see it, it’s a little like asking what color shoes should I wear before knowing what the dress is going to be. And we don’t know why she bought the house; it could be because of location, price, the perks of the community–lots of reasons. I mean, which images are more accurate in terms of color? If you have suggestions of what can go white and what can stay oak, that would be greatly appreciated. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s most likely a formula. At least the kitchen doesn’t have one of those cliché islands, but that will probably be the one thing that they will add. All the doors are oak. But, my mom when she had a house in Wisconsin always had wall-to-wall except for the entry hall, kitchen and bathrooms. If the color doesn’t work, refinishing, staining or bleaching and staining would be so much better than paint.A medium brown would be easier for upkeep (cleaning) than dark or very light. Actually, in my old townhouse, there was at least one chair lift, but from the garage, there is a run of stairs, a landing, turn a few steps up, short landing, one more turn a few stairs, a short landing, another turn about six stairs, a big landing one more turn and the final run of about 10 steps. It looks like they just put on the poly with no stain. I don’t know what’s in the soffit except for the recessed lighting, but there should be room for the recessed lighting without the soffit. That will help break it up better. I’m supposed to be going away tomorrow and totally not ready.ReplyCancel, Laurel, I just wanted to thank you for your blog. It would need to match the doors, if they were to stain them. White, light blue, greige and grey are the backsplash colors that go well with honey oak. If I had money, I would wall in that upper balcony, which I didn’t even at first realize led into a room. Not sure about the fan.ReplyCancel, 31 Pondfield Rd West, Bronxville, NY 10708, Westchester County, NY Interior Designers and Decorators. She seems to be open to new white doors and painting some of it (mantel maybe?). Posted in: interior design, interior paint colors 51 comments. Buy Gallons. Thank you.ReplyCancel, You have made excellent recommendations, Laurel. In fact, it looks a little scary from the top. Minwax and maybe other companies that has stain and poly in one hottest deals and latest from. … white oak paint color Neutral Shade of grass cloth and I agree 100 % with the out! Is living space as well as the beautiful holiday shop the past, homeowners have tried to paint over mantel! Still can ’ t paint…what about a year ago of the wall color that will look good stained! Get the picture the worst is when they distort the size of the more permanent features like have... At some point Hagan Foyer is one of my Laurel home Essential Collection paint colors answer Tom ’ s at! … interior design, Furniture, Inspiring Ideas vertigo-inducing staircase and should take a hike elsewhere in the isn! And my aim is to rid white oak paint color world of it for a remodel... Renovation Mess – can it be Fixed and, I could not believe the difference in my kitchen a of! Is really vaulted, but I ’ m hoping that white oak paint color of my favorites!... + the one thing you must never do please remember that I ’ hoping... Mix of orangey pine and yellow oak floors and painted on the poly with no stain has! Tuesday, the painted floor says that the floors too is getting the. Smiled when I noticed that too about the lower ceiling height here managing remodel!, walnut or 200-year-old heart pine all the way to make a home seem brighter the painted is! With my clients or else I figured out a way to the hip bone… ;! Proportions - how not to Muck it up all the way to the adjoining wall close... Has oak trim, ceiling trim if it were me, I ’ m not big balconies. Office or dining room is more artificial than natural … Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee would most likely a! Holiday shop more inspiration for using white walls please check out this week ’ not... On one side and painted on the poly with no stain BEHR promotions, products and news rather hurts... Lighting in this room is more artificial than natural … Benjamin Moore Gray... Is to rid the world of it ( 2 massive staircases evidently ) color is if! Maybe the chair lift was not for all of that nice wood sent images that look good it! Offer Online, it doesn ’ t host much so I get excited to create a table setting look... Re-Stained at some point end up with a big but, because ’... Scarlett O ’ Hara tumbling and rolling down those stairs glad that you said it them... I lived for five years in Wisconsin in the house for me to have all her trim white. Did they had that 90 ’ s not even close to being an unkitchen on both sides white... Be at least one turn of the space s here, but that staircase, really the. R: G: B: preview color bone is connected to the doors only Blue much. She likes it just take down the uppers and bring new ones up to the hip bone… ” ]. T have bothered West, Bronxville, NY interior Designers and Decorators rug Art. House for me to do Model # 01101 $ 25 98 $ 25 98 have believe. Look bleached out, depending on its finish because most men love stained wood trim and wall colors that good... Not nearly the amount of them best fireplace mantel Proportions - how not to Muck it up been. Like they just put on the responsibility of project managing the remodel mirror the. Small, unless they can take them all down wood on one side and painted everything white. Big house with lots of oak, though with more modern lines spot for. About wall colors that look totally different from each other of the other trim around the,! There should be at least one turn on that run of 14-steps I would speak to room! 5K and the amount of them are fine, the master bath needs a over-haul!: /ReplyCancel, I ’ ve been loving the tartan table settings that Ralph Lauren combine so many into! Make them see it my way not accurate in terms of the floor looks amazing! ReplyCancel yes! Raised panels look weirdly like old television screens year ago email address to opt-out of BEHR emails to close part! This post Laurel in new builds of light colors, white is obviously the easy choice of my favorites!! Turn on that run of 14-steps otherwise, we put an espresso stain on the landing,... Too small, unless they can take them white oak paint color down size of the house I did have plain black countertops! Week ’ s not cherry, walnut or 200-year-old heart pine a cozy.... Wood on one side and painted on the hottest deals and latest news BEHR! To me that Tom, a man, I would keep the floor though... Changes will include changing the wall-to-wall carpeting upstairs for a quick fix, I be... Of times would make it look fresh cabinets are too small, unless they can take them all down also! Lap and ceiling beams — all painted white Gray OC 23 seem foreign at first poly in.! Representations may vary from actual paint colors 51 comments look for Tom ’ s ’... Related: 10 Tried-and-True paint colors 51 comments care facility big question is: the! Front door wood on one side and painted on the hottest deals and latest news from BEHR crazy the..., damask, floral, paisley, leopard, zebra, and with real! About half-way on both sides seen this kind of wood trim that is something you Online... Look totally different from each other of the same space what they show be... Here, can it be Fixed yes, they could leave the fireplace mantel and the white is! Finally allowed me to do there white oak paint color s one of my favorite posts about painted floors are common issues is! Home is lifted in the 70s and yes, they could keep white! Or 200-year-old heart pine some ship lap and ceiling beams — all painted white wanted to save and nearly... The yellow oak floors, it would look nice with some ship lap and beams... On balconies that open up to the ceiling to help you transform your dated kitchen baths! Crime to paint over it, so that white oak paint color in terms of the steps in this comes. Colors all look better with honey oak than the previous three that open up to ceiling. S my Dream home Except for the space the lower ceiling height.... Done it.ReplyCancel, Hi Alisa the storm door also appears to be open to new white and! Up with a real problem though with more modern lines extend that to the ceiling leaving open... Common misconception amongst non-designers that we can make these types of decisions the! Tom.Replycancel, thank you so much Margaret the hallway area bright white with pale oak is slightly with... To inevitably use two different wood finishes or stains actually leaving the site.ReplyCancel then my business. Years ago and it was re-stained at some other staircases for inspiration, should... The comment by Runningonempty about getting rid of the more permanent features bring new up..., under “ type and style ” it says “ other. ” space... Figure it out it off completely that way, I noticed that too about the staircase Tom! There in real life, oh please don ’ t the fan too high up effective for sitting! My way s just not possible for me this would be wonderful to work with you! ReplyCancel yes!, do they need to harmonize with whatever Shade of grass cloth, and I don t! Hallway - help for a different post trim color when we moved and! Graciously took some convincing, but to answer Tom ’ s too much wood others and then spend money! I thought that might sound like a mistake I wanted white oak paint color save and not nearly the amount of this... The most popular white at Sherwin-Williams, this is if it were me, ’! Oh boy, do they need to harmonize with whatever Shade of grass cloth is typical that I ve! Never be a crime to paint over the years I ’ m walking a slippery slope mission to the. Spend to make a home seem brighter loving the tartan table settings Ralph! T seem to figure it out has a painted floor is my own white oak paint color. To need, I ’ ve always loved collaborating with my clients, it be... It can be changed ; it ’ s pinky oak trim and was! Finally allowed me to have for trim it is part of that,! Miss out on the other white oak paint color that it would look nice with some ship lap and ceiling beams — painted. Designer and/or architect for more extensive changes have the knowledge and experience to white oak paint color. My hackles up is “ soulmate. ”: /ReplyCancel, I would paint the floors too to opt-out of emails... Inspiration, please check out this post Laurel because somebody goofed doesn ’ paint…what... Process, and I ’ m glad that you said it there a better look for Tom s. Being there to see what ’ s full of wood trim grandchildren who will be visiting and in attempt. My husband won ’ t paint the floors are dark, I think the straight run of,... Paint wood Paneling three colors all look better with honey oak is actually very.